Interviews - Karina Jackson


Karina Jackson

Nurse Consultant

St. John's Institute of Dermatology

St. Thomas's Hospital




  1. Puce First of all, do you have an individual and/or collective approach?


  1. Puce How many children have today integrated the patient education programme in your department?

138 parents / carers have attended the programme in the first year of running.

  1. Puce How many participants are there in the collective workshops and who are they (children, parents, other adults…)?

Groups of up to 10 parents or carers of children with eczema. Mean group size has been 5 parents. Young children may accompany parents but this is not encouraged. There are 3 sessions over 3 consecutive weeks. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

  1. Puce Who is the educational staff for this programme (doctors, nurses, psychologists...)?

Specialist nurse and / or school nurse / health visitor led sessions. The programme is offered within the hospital for parents of children attending specialist clinics (i.e. dermatology or allergy paediatric clinics) or in the local community.

  1. Puce How many members of staff participate in this programme and what training, if any, do they receive?

1-2 trainers are present for each training session. This may be a specialist nurse or non-specialist health visitor, school nurse or practice nurse. A 3 day training course was run for the non – specialist staff before their involvement in the programme. Annual training updates are also offered to them.

  1. Puce What are the principal aims of these workshops?

There is an introduction to the session objectives at each session. The parent will have received a letter and information leaflet prior to attending the Eczema Education Programme. The principal aims of the programme are to improve knowledge, skills and confidence of parents so that they my better manage their child’s eczema at home and use available healthcare services appropriately.

  1. Puce Do you use educational support tools and if so can you describe them?

We have developed a standardised educational plan for each session with a range of materials to be utilised i.e a mix of facilitated discussion, formal powerpoint presentation, visual aids, care plans.

  1. Puce Do private dermatologists participate in the Atopic school ?


  1. Puce How is the link established between the Atopic school and the dermatologists and paediatricians in private practice?

We receive referrals only from NHS healthcare professionals such as hospital consultants, GP’s, health visitors and nurses.

  1. Puce How is your Atopic school funded?

Currently on a Charitable grant but we hope this will become a commissioned service.

  1. Puce Do you have contact with other patient education teams, particularly those teams working with Asthma or Food Allergies.

No but have support from the National Eczema Society. Paediatric allergists refer parents on this course.


  1. Puce What role, if any, do parent associations/patient support groups, play in the Atopic schools?

The National Eczema Society provide support guidance through their organisation. There are local support groups in some areas and many onlibne resources.

  1. Puce Do you have schemes like the PAI (in France this is an individualised adaptation program, linking parents, children and teachers)?


  1. Puce Besides Atopic schools, is patient education developed for other pathologies in your country, and if yes, which pathologies are concerned?

There are well established patient education programmes in diabetes, asthma and arthritis.

  1. Puce Do you have official patient education recommendations/guidelines in your country?

Yes the NICE guideline ( recommends education;

“Healthcare professionals should spend time educating children with atopic eczema and their parents or carers about atopic eczema and its treatment. They should provide information in written and verbal forms, with practical demonstrations, and should cover:

How much of the treatment to use

How often to apply treatments

When and how to step treatment up or down

How to treat infected eczema”

  1. Puce How many active education departments exist today in your country?

Not known. I do not know of any large scale programmes such as the one we are delivering.

  1. Puce Are there particular organisations to train the staff in patient education? If not, where is the staff trained?

Not known

  1. Puce How much do you invoice the whole education course?

Free of charge at present as funded by a charitable grant (and this continues until Dec 2011)

  1. Puce How much is the patient reimbursed by the health authorities?

Not applicable

Merci K Jackson.