TPE days were organized across Europe in 2012 in collaboration with the Fondation pour la Dermatite Atopique.

In Italy, Belgium and France events were held in 18 different cities. Over 500 participants were registered in each country, with positive feedback from all involved. 

Leaders in the field gave lectures and led workshops for a mixed population including private dermatologists, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and allergologists.

The objective of the TPE day was to address the issues involved in TPE with a maximum number of caregivers, a particular emphasis being put on how to organize TPE in private dermatology clinics.

A common program was established around the following themes :

    -       New developments in physiopathology of AD

    -       The role of dermatologists and nurses in TPE

    -       Corticophobia and it’s management

    -       TPE in private practice

    -       Multimedia aids (e.g. wet wrapping)

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