Can cortisone be used on a baby ?

Prof. Jean-Francois Stalder

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“The first thing is to distinguish between cortisone that is taken orally, as drops or pills, and cortisone in the form of cream or ointment. There is a difference between these two forms as the cortisone in the creams and ointments rarely penetrates beyond the skin surface.

It is important to use cortisone right from the first signs of eczema because it is the most efficient treatment. Using the image of a fire, we could say that the first signs of eczema are like the first flames in dry grass, that, if not extinguished, could become a forest fire. The cortisone then, or dermato-cortisone, in the form of cream or ointment, acts like a fire fighter, extinguishing the flames of eczema. What many people notice, however, is that when they stop using the cortisone, the eczema reappears.

Think about the image of the fire again. When the flames are extinguished you often have burning embers and this is what happens on the skin. It is important then, to reapply the cortisone treatment the moment an inflammation reappears.

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