Interviews - Masahiro Takigawa



  1. Puce What role, if any, do parent associations/patient support groups, play in the Atopic schools ?

There seems to be no role by them as far as I know.

  1. Puce What role, if any, do schools play in managing chronic skin disease ?

To help the patients to perform proper treatment.

  1. Puce Do you have schemes like the PAI (in France this is an individualised adaptation project linking parents, children and teachers) ?

None in Japan

  1. Puce Besides Atopic schools, is patient education developed for other pathologies in your country, and if yes, which pathologies are concerned ?

In dermatology, psoriasis.

  1. Puce Do you have official patient education recommendations/guidelines in your country ?


  1. Puce How many active education departments exist today in your country ?

Concerning atopic school, less than 5, I would say. And, one in Hamamatsu is most widely known.  In fact we have more than ten-year experience in this issue, educating almost 200 patients.

  1. Puce Are there particular organisations to train the staff in patient education ?


If not, where is the staff trained ? Trained as dermatology specialists.

  1. Puce How much do you invoice the whole education course ?

Since the patients admitted the hospital for treatment and education, it costs about 1000 euro.  This amount is for treatment of dermatitis, but not for school.  I would like to stress that the school is organized and conducted by us based on hospitality to the patients.  Since the university has nothing to do with the organization and conduct of the school, we are not paid for this.  The university pays for slides, that’s it.

  1. Puce How much is the patient reimbursed by the health authorities ?


Thank you Masahiro Takigawa.

Prof. Masahiro Takigawa