Interviews - Zhang Tingting



  1. Puce First of all, do you have an individual and/or collective approach ?

We have an individual approach.

    If individual;

  1. Puce How many children have today integrated the patient education programme in your department ?

About 100 children.

  1. Puce Can you describe how an initial interview takes place ?

We conduct the interview during the outpatient service.

  1. Puce Who conducts the interview (doctors, nurses, psychologists…) ?


  1. Puce How long does it last ?

Less than 20 minutes.

  1. Puce What types of objectives are set during the initial interview ?

Helping patients know more about AD, informing patients of skin caring in the daily life and introducing other auxiliary treatments like manipulation and food therapy.

  1. Puce Do you use educational support tools and, if yes, what type of tools are used with the patient ?

Yse, booklets we have written.

  1. Puce How do you use these tools ?

We explain the main points in the booklets that will be issued to patients.

  1. Puce Is there a follow-up? If so, how is the follow-up organised, and who conducts it ?

Yes. The doctors conduct it during the outpatient service.

  1. Puce How is the patient’s progress evaluated ?


  1. Puce How many members of staff participate in this programme and what training, if any, do they receive ?

28 members. The SCORAD training and nursing skills.

  1. Puce Do private dermatologists participate in the Atopic school ?

No, the patients don`t have private dermatologists.

  1. Puce How is the link established between the Atopic school and the dermatologists and paediatricians in private practice ?

There is no link established between them.

  1. Puce Is your Atopic school attached to a network of care-givers (pharmacists, nurses, state medical programs…) ?


  1. Puce How is your Atopic school funded ?

Doctors and interns make up the Atopic school in 2009 by communicating with patients via internet, telephone and out-patient service contact.


  1. Puce What role, if any, do parent associations/patient support groups, play in the Atopic schools ?

They communicate with us by different ways.

  1. Puce What role, if any, do schools play in managing chronic skin disease ?

Supplementary role.

  1. Puce Do you have schemes like the PAI (in France this is an individualised adaptation project linking parents, children and teachers) ?


  1. Puce Besides Atopic schools, is patient education developed for other pathologies in your country, and if yes, which pathologies are concerned ?

I`m not clear about that.

  1. Puce Do you have official patient education recommendations/guidelines in your country ?


  1. Puce How many active education departments exist today in your country ?

I`m not clear about that.

  1. Puce Are there particular organisations to train the staff in patient education? If not, where are the staff trained ?


  1. Puce How much do you invoice the whole education course ?

We don`t invoice for the whole education course, it’s taken during the outpatient service.

  1. Puce How much is the patient reimbursed by the health authorities ?


Thank you Zhang Tingting.

Dr. Zhang Tingting

a member of AD team in Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangzhou Province